Why should I hire a Photographer?

Why do I need to hire an experienced family photographer, my phone takes amazing images.

As an experienced family portrait photographer I do hear this a lot. It makes my heart sing and sink both at the same time. So, I’m going to give you a few reasons why you should hire an experienced family photographer. Here's 6 reasons to get some taken......

mother dressed in burgundy dress for maternity  photo shoot , stranocum family photographer
two sisters in a studio setting, ballymoney family photographer
sandy haired young boy in a ballymoney family photographer studio

Reason 1

I will get the best out of your children experienced family photographer I’m not sure if you’ve heard it talked about, but photographers struggle to get lovely shots of their own children. I have been out with the kids and heard Mums shouting “smile nice, no not like that, I just want one photo!

Our babies are hard wired to do the complete opposite we ask, it’s taken a while for me to accept this.  As an experienced family photographer, I have experienced it all.  My years of trials & tribulations have resulted in me being able to get the best out of your little humans.

Being an outdoor family photographer helps a lot. Environment plays a big part on whether your little human is going to be comfy.  Being out and about, having mum & dad present in the moment has always been a recipe for success.

I can get the best out of your children because I’m different, I’m new to their little world.  That tends to encourage great behaviour. Since I’ve started shooting outdoors I’ve yet to experience a little human having a meltdown.  We are having too much fun.

Reason 2

I see moments that you miss

Connections are my jam. I’m constantly looking for them. Between mum & dad, or daddy & daughter, you get the idea. We are so used to each other we often miss the looks of love that are being sent our way. They are always there, but we are too busy zipping the coat. Distractions abundant. But when im there, im looking for them. Searching faces and when i see it that’s when i click. Most photographers should always be able to pull off a pretty family portrait. However experienced family photographers are going to take it to another level and capture the unspoken moments.

The bond between sisters is priceless. I guarantee mum can list the 10 arguments they had already had that morning. But look the love is there, its deep and it breath-taking.

These moments we miss, is it because they are like the air we breathe? We are so used to having them around we sometimes miss them. I see them, I love them so much, they fill my soul with joy.

young ginger haired boy kisses his newborn brother ballymoney newborn photographer
blond haired mother poses against light coloured background, family photography

Reason 3

You can be in the photographs!

This has to be one of the most important reasons. Seriously our phones are amazing, but it means we are on the wrong side of the camera!! When our little humans look back at their childhood don’t be missing from it. Jump in front of the camera and be part of your family. Or hire an experienced family photographer like ME!

Your babies need to see the looks of love that were there throughout their childhood. Photographs are evidence that you didn’t just shout at them to eat their veg & do their homework. Look at this precious little moment between mum & daughter. It is packed to the brim with love & joy. Capturing these moments are my speciality. Connections, can’t beat them.

Reason 4

Technical & Digital Editing Experience

Phones & Digital SLR’s are amazing. The tools available to everyone to get a lovely sharp shot now is wonderful.

Everything is digital nowadays. Now I’m the first to put my hand up and say if you are after a dinosaur chasing you then I’m not your photographer. Photoshop is amazing can remove a pimple, make someone completly unnatural or look beter than real life but I have the experiance and knowledge as an experienced photographer at getting it right in the camera.

Lightroom would be the digital software I use, and it lets me play with the light. The all-important light. This is where i finish up my images. However, have you seen the filters available and the new iPhone 1000 (or whatever the newest one is) it can create depth of field! Amazing!

However, you could have the best equipment and still take a really poor shot. I know this because my family tried to take a picture of myself & my mum a few weeks ago. Blurry, terrible angles, eyes closed, depth of field off they were a disaster on the technical side. However, on the emotional side they mean a lot to me.

mother and son posing for a ballymoney maternity photographer
mummy, daddy son and newborn son in a high key ballymoney family photographer studio

Reason 5


As my Mum says you only get what you pay for...

Experience is a wonderful attribute. Have you ever bought a bunch of flowers from Tesco’s and tried to arrange them at home? I know right. Or have you ever attempted to make a piece of clothing? I attempted to make a skirt in my 20’s seriously it was bad, really bad. However that didn’t stop me wearing it!

So, if we value the experience of other industries then we should by default value the experience of a family photographer. We know what works; we know how to get you to relax in front of a camera. Which for me is super hard. As soon as a camera is pointed at me i dislike it intensely!

Beautiful sharp images, lighted correctly, capturing the emotion / moment. This comes from experience. Fun, joyful & playful all come from being lost in the moment. This comes from letting an experienced family photographer spend time with you and your family.

You only get what you pay for.

Reason 6

It’s a captured moment of your family at its very best

Now please do not mix this up with fake. Fake makes me run for the hills. What i mean very simply from this is. You will have spent a little time styling your kids & yourself because you want your pictures to look nice. You as a family have agreed to spend the afternoon together just being present with each other. Phones are nowhere to be seen.

Mums and Dads talk to their little humans and when they do, seriously they glow with joy. Kids love being the centre of attention. Mum & Dad relax when their little humans are relaxed and having fun.

So before you know it you are all naturally being the best version of yourselves.

That is so worth capturing. Every single time.

Life is stressful and its going by so quickly, so if we can take 2 hours to relax and just be ourselves. The results are phenomenal, trust me, I see it every time I head out with a family.

Those little moments when you squish together. It’s the best reason out of all of them to hire an experienced family photographer. Photographs release endorphins into our bodies, they make us feel happy, nostalgic, sad.

 They provide a window to that moment that flew by when we weren’t noticing.