Time is a wonderful thing, so much can happen in a short period of just a couple of hours. Light changes all around us all day long but it's not that often we pay much attention to it unless we look for it.

I spent just over 2 hours at the white rocks for sunrise a few days ago capturing this series of landscape images and at the time I didn't quite realise how dramatically it changed whilst I was there.

From the blue hour before sunrise till the sun peaks over the horizon and casts its warm rays in your direction changing the look of an image from cooler blue tones to lovely warm orange tones.

As the morning progressed more and more cloud developed and the blue of the sky gradually becomes orange and grey as a rain storm starts to roll in bringing cooler weather yet the glow of colour from the sun makes the image look warmer than it felt.

Some day I would like to do a set of images from 1 area rangeing from before sunrise to after the sun sets and see just what a difference a days images can look like and I suppose living in Northern Ireland we can get all four seasons in one day sometimes even over a few hours.