1st proper cold start

It’s not easy getting out of bed at this time of year, you never know just what the weather is for throwing at you. This morning was no exception the forecast wasnt too promising but I’d decided to chance it anyway. My plan was Mussenden Temple.

I knew the sun was rising from a south-easterly direction so to get the best possible chance on light on the temple I had to shoot from the east side of the temple.

One of the first things I normally do is visit the area beforehand but as I’d been a few times before I planned to leave early enough (6.45am) to be there well before sunrise at 8.05am. To be honest I’m glad I did as I did forget just how much of a walk it is from the closest carpark.

I found the composition I liked and set the camera up ready for some nice light, which to be honest didn’t come.

The best of the light was coming from the demense so I headed that way and was glad I did. The light was amazing but fleeting and lasted all but 5 minutes, long enough to capture the old castle under a wonderfully light up sky.

One more image made showing the temple from inside the hallway of the demense and I was done out at Downhill.

On my way home I decided to stop in at Castlerock beach as I knew the tide was in so the white posts would be in the water as it ebbs and flows. Just as I’d got set up and added a 6 stop filter and polarizer spits of rain started but I was hoping it would pass, it didn’t it just got worse.

But out of nowhere a rainbow started forming, a lens cloth over the camera to help keep it dry and another to dry the lens and I fired off a few images and it was time to run…