Back Again

One thing about landscape photography is it's as much about the weather/light as it is about the landscape.

I'm blessed to live so close to the causeway coast and often find myself drawn to the areas around Ballycastle as it's so close to home when there are plans for the day that mean I can't travel too far.

Even on days when the weather doesn't look overly promising I can still head out and try to capture the beauty around where I call home.

I've visited Murlough Bay numerous time both with the camera an without, it's a magical place to explore and well worth the scarry at times drive down into it. Ive managed to capture a nice sunset but never hit it right to capture sunrise.

Today I knew I wasnt going to make sunrise as the dogs had an apointment at the groomers so even though the foracast wasn't particularly promising I still decided to try and capture something interesting as the forecast was changable with a hope of the cloud clearing.

When I arrived the sky was grey with not much in the way of intrest but the composition I had in my head  would only need the clouds to break and let the sunlight through to brighten up the landscape in a few places. I wondered around using my phone to spot out roughly where I would need to set up the tripod to capture the final image.

As I stood waiting the first shower started to come my way so out came one of my favourite landscape photography tools got its first trip out of my bag in ages, a hotel shower cap, they are great for keeping the camera dry during a rain shower.

As I waited listening to some worship music the weather began to change again & the clouds finally started to break up and the sun came out just just a few seconds at first and then back behind the clouds again . A short while later and again the sun came out again this time just long enough for me to set the exposure and fire off 3 shots and then it was gone again.

The shot I came away with although not exactly the one I'd hoped for I'm still happy enough with, I would have likes the sun to light the tree a bit more but that is after all part of landscape photography  and you have to make the best image in the available conditions.