Sometimes when out creating landscape images the weather can be great, others it can become a cat and mouse game where you are constantly battling the elements.

This morning started with an amazing sunrise captured in Ballintoy, One of my favourite places to capture the rising sun.

On the drive round from ballintoy the weather didn't look too bad but the forecast was for a stormy wet day.

Looking at the weather forecast it was plain to be seen that if I wanted the image I had in mind for the day I would probably end up getting drenched and that I did.

By the time I'd made the journey round to Portstewart the showers had started, as I waited it out I eyed up a composition and sat in the car while the rain and wind battered the coast line. After around half an hour the first wave of rain passed and I ventured out to capture the image above with the aim of capturing the stormy seas and movement in the water.

Another band of heavy rain came so I had to pack the gear up quick and head back to the car for shelter. I was in no big rush as I had to wait on the tide rising to capture the image i had set out with the intention of making. Finally around 10am or so the tide had risen enough the the steps leading out of the Herring Pool where being battered by the rolling waves.

The 2 images I came away with were both around 3 minute long exposures as I had to stand with my back to the wind as the rain started again to protect the camera as much as possible from it & the strong gusts to stop it getting blew into the sea...