A few years in the making...

Sometimes I go out on a shoot and I’ve no idea what shot I’m after I just know when I see it and sometimes I have an idea of what picture I’m looking for and it takes time to get the one I have in my head. I must confess I feel more like I’m documenting the weather than the landscape at times as it’s the light that makes a good shot a great shot.

I only live 2 miles from the famous “Dark Hedges” but I almost never stop to photograph them, don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing location but it’s been photographed so much it’s hard to get something original. I’ve had an idea for photographing them on a foggy day for a long time but whenever I’ve went to try and get THE shot its either been too busy or the light has been bad and I’ve not got the picture I envisioned.

Que a heavy fog one day last week and I packed the camera gear into the boot and set off the 2 miles up the road to see if I could get that picture I had in mind. When I got there I was amazed to find not one person,

I walked up and down capturing various images and looking for different scenes to capture, the thick heavy fog added a lot of atmosphere but it still as not the shot I was looking for so after an hour or so I packed up and headed to my favourite location of Ballintoy, it was still foggy so I captured a few shots while walking around the harbour but the light wasn’t what I was looking for so I decided it was time for home.

On the way I stopped back in at the hedges again to see if the light had changed any but I was having no luck. I got the gear back out of the car and captured some more foggy images and even though there was still only a couple of tourists I decided to call it a day, feeling slightly defeated I headed home for the day.

Up bright and early the following day with more fog forecast I packed the car again & decided I’d look for something different, I was planning a trip to the top of Ora to capture the fog in the valley heading down into Cushendall. I don’t know why but at the last moment I decided to try the dark hedges one last time and for the 2nd day in a row I was amazed to find not one other person there when I arrived. I set up quickly as I could see the shot id been looking for right in front of me and I knew there was bound to be some others along soon and I wanted to get the image captured quick. Ten minutes later and I had the image I needed in the camera and a car full of tourists arrived and started walking up the “Kings Road” and I decided I’d got what I was after so a quick chat with the tour guide as I was away happy.