Now you see it

Loughreema just a few miles from Ballycastle, it's one of those wonderful natural phenomena that just doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. One day it's got plenty of water the next it's almost dry.

To be honest it's one of those places most people hardly realise is so beautiful, most people just drive on past just like I have on many occasions. Most of the time I pass through its during the summer months and its bone dry but a few weeks ago we were passing and I stopped and for a look and there was a nice amount of water and some streams running into it so I planned a trip back for sunrise.

The morning came and I woke to to a thick layer of fog.

On my way there it was still dark and the fog was thick but as I got closer to Ballycastle the fog started lifting and I was hopefull of a nice sunrise but once I got through Ballycastle it started to fall again so I knew the sunrise I had hoped for wasn't going to materialise. When I arrived it was still at least 45minutes before sunrise so as I wondered around I spied the above composition from one of the 2 small rivers which feed into the lake, the fog only adds to the feel of the final image.

I wondered about for a good few hours hoping that the fog would lift and capturing a few more images but it didn't lift. The landscape photographs I came away with I feel captured the atmosphere wonderfully.

Once I had explored a bit further I decided to make a panoramic image made up of 7 portrait images stitched together to make a super wide photograph of how one of the rivers meandered through countryside and around one of the many raised areas.

I look forward to trying again to capture the sunrise image I set out for but sometimes things not being as planned only cause you to look and capture an areas natural beauty differently.