“I enjoy photography because it has given me the opportunity to share in people’s most special moments on a regular basis.”

Its all about emotions

To be honest I wouldn't say I'm a people person, I always prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it, I'm not a big fan of small talk so I guess you could call me an introvert.

That however doesn't mean I don't like forming relationships with people in fact that has been something I did not ever think the camera as a tool was really all about until I started photographing people.

Lets go back to my first memory's of photography, probably most peoples first proper photos... the school photographer, back in those days it was standing in a queue till it was your turn then you went and sat on the stool , said cheese and got blinded by the studio flash.

That was how I thought photographing people was, when I picked up a camera at first it was all about family snaps, a moment frozen in time here and there as the wains grow up.

Then I discovered Landscape photography, no people involved but I enjoy it so much because I get to explore Gods wonderful countryside and create an image that I feel portrays how it felt to be at that spot at that particular time in history.

On occasion I do meet some other photographers out enjoying the chase of creating that perfect image, I've spent a good few hours talking to people as the sun rises or sets.

Having the camera always starts conversations, even in church when I am taking photos, so often people approach and start chatting about cameras or my lens or where to get good quality prints etc. its an endless subject.

And Memories

To me photography is all about two main things memories and feelings, whether its landscape or a family lifestyle photo-shoot the resulting images are always only going to be about the memories and feelings of the moment the shutter is pressed and the image recorded for ever.

There are always things which make an image good such as composition and lighting but if the image doesn't convey the emotion or feeling of when it was captured then it will loose its appeal. Some of my favourite photos of my kids are not technically perfect but the take me back to that time in their lives and bring back the feelings of fun and laughter at the time of capture.

In our living room at home we have a set of 9 wall hung framed prints took in a studio quite a few years ago when the wains were all a lot younger, they have grey up a lot since they were took but they still take you back to that day we had them took .

The memories and fun we had that day all come back as you stop to view them on the wall, we had planned our outfits so we all matched, red tops & blue jeans, took along some props, makeup for the girls and a skateboard for my son and we had a blast getting the photos took.

The photographer that day took loads of wonderful images and we found it hard to pick our favourites, to be honest we thought the wall art was expensive but in the long term it has been an investment as we still have them hanging taking pride of place, even though the decoration in the room has changed a couple of times they still look the part.

This is one of the main reasons I love making people images not only do I get to spend time with families making memories but i get to freeze those memories in time that no matter when you look at them you get took back to that time and place in an instant.