First stop

Even at this time of the year with the colours turning and sunrises getting later in the morning you would think it would make a landscape photographers life that wee bit easier. 6am is still an early start, many not quite as early as I was getting up during the summer months but when you like a lay in on a sunday morning its early.

 I was undecided as to where I was going to go that morning as I have a few ideas rattling around in my head at the minute as to locations, some new locations some old. As it was still very dark when I left the house I could just about see that there was a bit of cloud in the sky but not as much as the forecast was giving. I still wasn't completely decided even when I was driving out past the dark hedges as to which direction I wanted to go as high tide is right around sunrise so seascapes & lang exposures were on my mind but in the end at the very last moment I decided on going Ballycastle direction with Murlough Bay my goal. Sunrise and autumnal colours on my thoughts.

When I got there it was still only 6.45 and still dark not even blue hour had started yet, the sheep and cows scattered across the landscape sleeping, the lighthouses on Rathlin Island and further afield in scotland were all that broke the darkness.

As the glow of the sun started to appear on the horizon it was plain to be seen that I wasn't going to see any nice golden tones on the cliffs I had hoped for a cloud came in from the east and blocked the sun. I was out looking around for compositions when I spotted a wee fishing boat sailing by and in the distance what looked like a submarine. You never know just what you will see when out and about.

 I did manage to make a couple of intimate images of some fungi and another of some berries I spotted nestled on a moss covered branch before giving up and packing the camera up.

Second stop

On the way home I noticed the weather looked more promising out around the Giants Causeway so decided to venture that direction. Next stop Portcoon Jetty, it's been on my must visit list for a while and I wasn't disappointed the tide was on it's way out so the jetty was disappearing nicely into the sea.

Camera out and filters set up and captured a couple of different compositions before settling on the one below then home for some breakfast.