This week I'd set my sights on Portglenone Forest in the hope of some autumnal colours & unfortunately I was too early to get the kind of image I'd hoped for. At a guess it looks like it will be at least a couple of weeks before the colours will be at their best but that didn't stop me getting a few images im quite happy with.

This time of year on Thing grows well & and that's mushrooms so que the long lens to isolate them from their surroundings & a shallow depth of field. The light was far from perfect as it shines through the forest and was moving quite fast so I walked around exploring the leaves around my feet for new fungai. The first couple I found I was too slow to capture, by the time the tripod was set up and the image framed, the light that was on them was gone, so I decided I had to look for subjects and wait till the light found them. You could watch the light as it moved across the forest floor as the sun moved along its trajectory.

As I walked around I was amazed at just how many were growing on the forest floor among the damp, decaying leaf litter but it shows the amazing ecosystem the God has designed around us that most people hardly ever stop to think about, the fine details of how the wonderful planet turns death to life & old too new.

I am planning another trip back again shortly so hopefully the leaves will change colour and any passing storms wont blow them off the trees before they get the chance to change as this time of the year can be so magical for colour if we get favourable weather, dare I even hope for some fog on my next visit also and that really would make for some special landscape photographs.