In with the new....

At this time of the year thoughts start to turn to what has passed in the year gone by. I have a bit of a routine where I go through the images I've captured and clean everything on my hard drive, back up onto hard drives and to the cloud. I organise my master lightroom catalogue and create a new catalogue ready for the year ahead.

Looking back I can see a lot of images I like but theres only a few that I love, ones which make me remember the feeling of being at the place and capturing the image.

This time of year I also find myself looking forward the the year ahead and thinking about what’s ahead in the year to come. My love for photography has led to it becoming more of a lifestyle that a hobby, I see photo opportunities all around and almost always have my camera with me when travelling much to my wife’s dismay at times. My tripod lives in the car along with a light stand and a 5 in 1 reflector. Even when we are taking the dogs for a walk in the evening I have the camera backpack on just incase I need to capture the sunset.

One of the things I've enjoyed most about this year has been opportunities my camera has given me, I've met some wonderful people and seen some amazing places around our wee country. I've made memories of my own and captured precious memories for clients, friends and family. I've been a part of a creative team at my church during which I've also captured the life and vibrancy of our church family through all the years highs and lows, amazing worship times and prayerful quiet moments.

Looking to the new year ahead thoughts turn to all the hope's and dreams for 2020, I am looking forward to seeing where God & this journey takes my photography, I look forward to meeting new clients, new landscape photographers, seeing new places & revisiting places I've already captured.

Happy new year !!!