As is the story with all landscape photography the light is supposed to be best at sunrise and sunset, but that's only if the weather plays nice.

Since it's still technically summer I had planned to make some images at sunrise at the world famous Giants Causeway as I did capture a couple of nice sunsets there recently.

The morning began looking promising but the golden hour never materialised, the weather was good just not much in the way of nice colour so I decided to make the most of the conditions and capture some of the movement in the sea.

Sometimes you just know the light isn't going how you would love it, sometimes you have to think a wee bit outside the way you would normally approach how you would like to capture the scene in front of you. Days like this and to be honest most days it's about getting out to explore the wonderful landscapes God has blessed us with in Northern Ireland.

One of the best things about not getting the light exactly as you'd like it is that you get to try different approaches to how you capture and expose the scene. My default approach for most #seascape images I capture is to aim for an exposure of between 1/2 a second to 2 seconds so the movement in the water adds to the image.

Today I went for something of a longer exposure, just over 9 minutes in fact. This kind of exposure produces a surreal image where the water blurs to become a mix of similar coloured tones rather than textured with the usual mix of contrast from the white tops of the waves as they move through the image.

The image I had in mind would be something I don't often do that being a black & white where the sea is contrasting the causeway and the cliffs at the organ in the distance.