At this time of year it's hard to beat the causeway coast for sunset landscape photography.

So many beaches and cliffs to enjoy one of nature's most wondrous sights, the colours that the setting sun turns the sky is a sight to behold.

From Ballintoy to Downhill beach the north coast offers so many opportunities to capture amazing scenery but when the sky lights up during golden hour it makes a nice landscape an amazing landscape.

The hour before sunset, golden hour as its known creates the most magical light to create stunning landscape imagery as the sun lights up the amazing scenery with its golden light.

But it's just as the sun is disappearing over the horizon that it can light up the clouds and make it look like the sky has caught fire.

Knowing the sun's trajectory helps loads in planning when and where to photograph along with the help of some apps on my phone that can help predict a good sunset by using the weather forecast. These only help so much though as you still have to get out and scout the areas to know where the best compositions can be created, areas facing east are best for sunrise and west is better for sunset.