A Strange time were in....

With all thats going on in world at this time it can be hard to think ahead, hard to have hope for the future. I want to take this time to say that I believe although it may not seem like it we will get through this as a community and a country. We are already seeing people banding together to help each other out and do what we can to be of service and help the most vulnerable among us.

The very nature of photography creates an opportunity for the virus to spread, with close quarters and inevitable touching during posing. The guiding principles behind our policies and protocols have always been the safety and well being of our clients and their families.

From Monday I will be putting all bookings on hold until the start of June or otherwise advised by the health agencies and government, I think I have everyone notified that has booked between now and then. It has been a hard decision to make but I want to put my family's health and clients well being at the forefront of my decisions. Any deposits paid will be transferable over to a new booking date in the future when things settle down again if your booking has to be moved.

I want to help where I can as a photographer and offer a number of FREE family photo-shoots to help build & preserve those special memories for ever, anyone needing to rearrange wedding photography and their current photographer is double booked, if I cant personally help I will but if not I have access to a group of photographers that are more than willing to help where we can.

Thank you for your support and understanding. Together we will get through this! I am so grateful for your continued business and I look forward to your session in the coming weeks.

“In these uncertain times, the playbook is changing minute by minute.”